About Us


The National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD) initiative began in 1999 as a grass roots effort that aimed  to raise the awareness regarding HIV and AIDS prevention, care and data-driven education in communities of color.  As the challenges and solutions associated with HIV have evolved, NBHAAD has modified it's theme, focus, and methods of national support. 


On February 7, 2019, organizations, clinics, and communities across the country will commemorate 20 years of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day promotion and engagement. This year, the campaign encourages communities to work in unison by stopping HIV together. Everyone can play a part in reducing HIV transmission by getting tested, promoting prevention using state-of-the-science prevention methods like PrEP, and normalizing conversation about sexuality, gender, STIs, and HIV.  First step: encourage someone you love to come with you to receive an HIV test. No matter the results, you can still be a part of a global effort to reduce HIV transmission by educating ourselves about prevention options and quality clinical treatment.


Working with local health departments, schools, community-based organizations, clinics, churches, elected leadership, and community advocates, we can all play a part in making HIV Black history.  Make this the year YOU make your contribution to eliminating HIV in the Black community. Already have an event scheduled?   


Together, we fight hiv and win!