National Black AIDS Day Carousel_Christopher Barnhill

Award-winning HIV/AIDS activist, philanthropist and motivational speaker, Christopher Barnhill is changing the face of activism. At the age of 16 Christopher discovered that he was infected at birth with HIV. This motivated him to dedicate his life’s mission to promote HIV/AIDS and personal awareness. Christopher has spent the last 10 years speaking publicly to audiences of 100 to 10,000 about the impact and responsibility of being positive.

Christopher’s desire is to be the “Hope” for other young HIV-positive individuals by demonstrating there is life while being HIV-positive. In addition to his many accomplishments, he also has worked on the Obama Administration’s National HIV Strategy in regards to HIV and Youth and is a student at The Catholic University of America majoring in Human Service Administration.

Christopher has presented and worked alongside note-worthy individuals like Alicia Keys, Bono, and Bill Gates. In the past year, Christopher’s determination and desire has thrust him into the spotlight. He has been featured in the International AIDS Society Documentary “Passing the Torch”, and received “The Next Generation Award” from Metro Weekly.